The world needs strong female leaders to achieve diversity. Learn how we can empower ourselves and each other.


An award-winning business owner and entrepreneur, Lesley knows first-hand how female leaders add incredible value to any organisation or community. By creating a more diverse workforce, new approaches and ideas will be adopted which will benefit business from a holistic perspective. Women are natural problem solvers and have the innate ability to successfully negotiate conflict resolution, so striving towards a more equal representation, makes for a more successful workplace and business community.

Attendees will learn more about the need for strong female leaders and how to develop the confidence to step into leadership positions, whilst at the same time, create a supportive environment for those around them.

Lesley will guide participants through the key steps required to empower yourself and others:

  • Nurturing inner-strength, resilience and self-acceptance
  • Lifting yourself and others around you
  • Harnessing the confidence to step into leadership positions


Women will feel confident to step into leadership positions in all walks of life not only in business, but community groups, or within their own daily lives.


Tailored for women from all walks of life.


Women’s Groups


From corporate events to community groups, Lesley’s relaxed yet confident speaking style, captivates all audiences.


Lesley’s one on one programs are tailored to help you achieve your goals.


Lesley is able to engage workshops and groups of all sizes.