Optimise your business growth and self confidence.

The power to walk into any situation and feel confident.


All too often we hold ourselves back through lack of confidence or self-awareness. Lesley takes participants through the key steps required to enable participants to put their best foot forward in any situation whether that’s cold-calling, business pitches and networking, or public speaking in general. Helping attendees understand their core values and personal brand, this workshop provides participants with the tools required to become more confident, improve communication skills and enhance positive body language.
Key topics for the session include:

  • Knowing yourself, your brand and your values
  • Growing your confidence in yourself
  • How to put your best foot forward in any situation


Attendees will develop stronger speaking skills, improve self-confidence and increase their results in cold-calling, business development and sales scenarios.


Business and individuals.


Workshops and Keynotes


From corporate events to community groups, Lesley’s relaxed yet confident speaking style, captivates all audiences.


Lesley’s one on one programs are tailored to help you achieve your goals.


Lesley is able to engage workshops and groups of all sizes.