Bringing out the natural leader in you

From dedicated one on one coaching to enable you to harness your inner strength, raise your game and implement rituals that empower you to break past barriers and truly appreciate your self-worth.

Through to honing your skillset to take the next step in your career and leadership capabilities.

Lesley’s experience within a number of leadership roles within the private sector and Not For Profit gives her a practical insight into the necessary skill of facilitation to enable others to contribute and bring open discussions in teams and groups to a specific outcome and actions to move forward.

This is a skill Lesley will guide you through to enable you to moderate discussions and meetings effectively, confidently and blend in a deeper understanding of the different communication styles of those in the room.

Respectful leadership is a gift that enables you to come from a place of service and allows people within your team or community to perform to the best of their abilities and thrive as a collective.


Whether you are planning a corporate seminar or event, a workshop to train your team or community group, or mentoring your future leaders, Lesley’s experience coaching individuals and groups on a performance mindset will bring practical insights and an infectious energy to those in the room.

No stranger to the stage, Lesley is able to think on her feet and interact with her audience with ease. Whilst each presentation for your event is carefully planned, it is important to have the skill to flex and respond as the need arises.

Lesley’s relaxed yet confident speaking style, captivates the audience from the outset and whilst she often includes visual tools in her work, these serve to enhance her message.

If you need material for your delegates to take away afterwards, Lesley can arrange this too. With each event being different, Lesley will work with you to ensure she goes above and beyond expectations to deliver exceptional results every time.


Participants prepare themselves mentally and physically for their step into leadership.


Create your own destiny through making the right choices, having high self-worth and giving back to the community and the planet.

Inner Strength

I enable you to harness your personal power and give you clarity on how to bring that into each area of your life.

A multiple sales award winner, Lesley has leveraged on her success to build her a successful, diverse career across a wealth of industries.


Lesley’s repertoire of keynote speeches and presentations help her audiences harness their ability to drive positive, personal or professional change. Through her years of experience establishing a string of successful businesses and achieving excellence in sales growth from the ground up, Lesley empowers those around her to make positive improvements. With her natural ability to connect with her audience, Lesley equips people with the skills necessary to build their self-confidence, cement their core beliefs and achieve success.

Depending on your organisation’s objectives, Lesley will tailor the content to ensure your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to push your environmental or leadership program forward.


Ideal for groups or teams who are striving to facilitate change within themselves, their community or organisation, Lesley’s series of workshops equips participants with the tools they need to make a difference.

By developing understanding, showcasing solutions and assisting with developing an action plan, attendees will complete the workshop via a series of steps aligned to their goals.

We are all capable of change but who says workshops have to be serious or dry? Lesley ensures her audience is thoroughly entertained but more importantly, they leave with a different mindset.

Be your own Hero

A program for those who need the wake-up call to stop waiting for someone else to save them or make their life better. Someone who feels uncertain in themselves and taking ownership of their life choices from business, finances, relationships.

A powerhouse in your corner if you need reassurance that you can trust your intuition, get educated and informed and to not be scared to make big decisions that have life-changing outcomes. A program about self-worth, drawing boundaries and not giving your choices or control away.

Find your own Voice: Master your Message

Developing your public speaking skills is just a part of this course. You will gain insight on building awareness of when you are in flow and to connect fully with your audience.

You will identify your unique style, value and develop skills to engage at a deeper level with one or many.

Mentoring future leaders

One-on-one coaching and mentorship programs are tailored to meet your objectives and current situation. Focusing on improving a range of soft and hard skills to increase resilience, persistence and self-confidence, Lesley’s mentoring has helped empower many female leaders in Queensland.

An award-winning business owner and entrepreneur, Lesley knows first-hand how leaders that have the ability to connect and inspire, add incredible value to any organisation or community.