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Enabling you to harness your inner strength and performance mindset.

Keynotes, presentation, coaching and workshops for leaders, teams and individuals. A focus on performance mindset, confidence and conscious communication that builds and strengthens relationships personally and professionally.


“With strong connections to the environment and empowering women in business; my passion is helping people make a difference. Whether that’s to realise the inner-strength, resilience and self-confidence everyone has within themselves or by helping people and businesses identify a way and means to contribute towards the environmental transformation required in today’s world, I can help.

Both of these causes are by no means easy feats to overcome, yet, rather than standing still and feeling powerless, my goal is to ensure you are able find ways that make a positive impact in your life or business.

I’d love to take some time to understand your challenges or ambitions, and help play a part in making the difference you want.”

Confidence, effective communication and performance mindset coaching

Lesley Van Staveren has a unique, purpose-driven set of skills to enable you to  navigate through the challenges we face socially and commercially on a daily basis.

A true believer that everyone has the capacity to make a difference, Lesley is an inspiring public speaker and presenter, able to engage diverse audiences and empower them to take charge. Whether you’re looking for growth in leadership, self-empowerment, confidence in presenting either face to face or on video, Lesley’s keynotes, workshops and presentations will give you the tools to make an impact.

Speaker, coach, author and facilitator

Lesley Van Staveren is a London born, Far North Queensland based coach, author and speaker. With a range of keynotes, presentations and workshops covering inner strength, confidence in public speaking (face to face and on video) and evolving your performance mindset, Lesley’s driving force is two-fold: empowering people with the skills they need to become the best versions of themselves which leads to stronger communities that operate from a place of heart and contribution.

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